Call for Speakers


REFACTR.TECH is all about growing and showcasing powerful voices of marginalized people and allies in tech. For three days, REFACTR.TECH focuses on technology topics, while creating a safe space for thoughtful and nuanced conversations around diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality in tech.

For three days we’ll focus on creating an inclusive environment which features marginalized people and allies doing amazing work. We offer a combination of workshops, keynote, and track sessions to expand knowledge, hone technical skills, and make important connections.

We are looking for people who work in or with technology to share their knowledge and experiences. Talks can be anything from sharing your work-process to demonstrating new technologies.

You must be 18+.


Talks are 45-minute blocks including Q&A

Product/UX/UI -- Processes and topics focused on product strategy and management.

Social Impact -- Ways we can build and improve our communities, from our work and study spaces to cities across the world.

Career & Leadership -- These talks help develop real-world skills and approaches to grow your career, help with work/life balance and improve your teams.

Front End Engineering -- Client-side languages and issues integral to building websites and applications

Cool Shit -- New technologies or twists to existing technologies that are changing and expanding the world of tech.

Software Engineering -- Software increasingly underlies the technologies that permeate every aspect of our lives.

Sample Sessions

To get a better idea of the kinds of sessions we're looking for and maybe get a little inspiration while you're at it, check out our 2019 speakers and sessions.

As a speaker, you’ll receive:
A free ticket to attend all conference events, including: all talks, swag, food and parties

Travel Assistance
If you are currently unemployed, underemployed, work independently or your company can not sponsor your travel, we will cover your travel and accommodation costs.

As a community conference, we do our best to accommodate any travel assistance needed for covering speaker travel and hotel. We greatly appreciate when your company can cover these costs and are happy to include them on the supporter page of our website.

Important Dates
The call for speakers starts 08-20-2019 and ends 11-01-2019.